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Better to invest your money in a fast company car that in sluggish administrative processes.

Reliable Apps for your Digital Office and Administrative Processes

Legally Justified Archiving

The digital archive is the foundation, paperless collaboration and electronic business documents are based on. With obwyse we offer an efficient and secure solutions platform for compliance with statutory retention periods as well as the provision of digital vouchers within the workflow.

Electronic Invoice

Regarding the digitization of office and administration, electronic invoicing processes have a leading role. With our highly available online platform obwyse we provide all necessary functions for preparation, dispatch, receipt, verification and processing of digital invoices. Needless to say, obwyse supports ZUGFeRD format.

Digital Document Delivery

Whether it’s a proof of delivery or a sales report, a salary account or an order: More and more business records are delivered in electronic document form, meaning that the obligation of preservation refers to the original electronic copy. With obwyse we provide a practical solution for the legally justified, digital delivery of your commercial letters to clients, partners or personnel that has been proven a million times.

Formatting & Transformation

Increasing digitization constantly alters the requirements of exchanging electronic data with external partners in terms of integration and legibility. With its highly scalable transformation server, obwyse presents an open and powerful solution for the automated registration, formatting, transformation and provision of electronic commercial data, offered on-premise or as a service.

Our Promise of Performance:
Cloud Software Made and Hosted in Germany.


Security is the decisive criterion for a cloud solution. obwyse provides the highest degree of protection for your business and client data.


Storing data in a cloud is a matter of trust. With obwyse you can rely on more than 20 years of experience in organizing digital documents.


Login. Password. Faster business. Intuitively operable for user and admin. obwyse stands for straight user-friendliness. Give it a go.


Always on and super performant. That’s what you’d expect your web and apps to be like. And obwyse has just the right software architecture to offer.

We are obwyse – Digital Documents in Trusted Hands

obwyse is a producer and provider of platform-independent online solutions for the management of digital documents, archiving and electronic business processes. Founded in 2007, obwyse is a member of the active logistics group – a medium-sized software company, comprising a tradition of more than 30 years and over 250 employees.

The solutions obwyse has to offer have been developed as cloud-exclusive applications right from the start – hence there’s no need for the acquisition of a particular soft- and hardware. The usually high expenditures of costs and time for implementation and maintenance do not incur. Your employees can work anywhere with any device providing access to the internet – whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

Deploying obwyse doesn’t only mean a usage-based billing for clients and partners, but also “software made and hosted in Germany”, for all of our solutions are exclusively developed in Germany and operated in highly available data centers certificated according to German law.

10.546 Registered Users
1182 Client Accounts
38,57 TB Archive Storage
383.970.080 Archived Documents
  • For our central regulation unit effective invoice processing represents the core business. With obwyse we have found a reliable and efficient platform for linking more than 1.000 partners.

    Stefan Kinzel, Head of Informatics, KATAG AG

  • More than 70 thousand vouchers a day. With an archiving volume like that, one doesn’t make any compromise on the part of the archiving platform. We have opted for obwyse.

    Arnold Kriener, Management Board, active logistics AG

  • Being a medium-sized company with seven locations, only a cloud solution was worth considering for our digital delivery information and electronic invoicing. Especially its integration capability with our ERP system and its output control including insert management have convinced us of obwyse.

    Daniel Wolf, Authorized Representative, SST GmbH


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The Leading Cloud Solution for Administrating Digital Documents – Utilize now in your Business.

Today digital document management is part of the fixed infrastructure of a “digital office”. “Digital office” – that’s the idea of a workspace doing, as far as possible, without paper. Instead of filing them in several folders, the most important documents are stored on servers, hard drives or in a cloud system, where they are protected from physical damage and safe from unauthorized access. Precisely this digitization of office and administration processes is the goal of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). ECM solutions make it possible to spread information more efficiently, to process documents as a team, to archive records digitally and to retrieve them fast. Enterprise Content Management therefore is the central precursor for establishing a “digital office”.

With its software platform of the same name, obwyse is one of the pioneers within the rapidly growing market segment of ECM for cloud solutions. obwyse allows companies and organizations to develop individually customized solutions and to integrate them into their own business applications. On the basis of your standard platform the company offers reliable expert solutions for the registration and transformation of data and documents (obwyse Transformation Server), for digital invoice approval processes (obwyse Invoice), for the preparation and dispatch of electronic invoices (obwyse Billing) and for legal digital long-term archiving (obwyse Archive).